Mens Lycra swim trunks

Soft stretch fitted lycra swim trunks with tie waist

Materials Anti-Static,Breathable 80% Nylon, 20% Elastane

Look after, 40 degree machine wash. Line dry in shade. Do not tumble dry, iron, bleach

We have a hugh range of versatile assortment of mens lycra swim trunks to suit you whether you a passionate pool user, or go for a occasionaly dip.

Shop for top brands in a wide choice of colours and desgns is simply online.

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Mens Lycra swim trunks

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mens Lycra swim trunks

Benefits of swimming.

Swimming is a great way of toning your muscles than any other form of cardiovascular exercise it improves your heart rate and blood flow without putting to much stress on your body,swimming is excellent for your breathing as well muscle toning and fat burning benefits that swimming provides. Hit the pool in one of or mens lycra swim trunks a few times aweek and see the differnce.

Water can support your body weight wher swimming so putting less strain on your body it all so provides water resistance which helps build muscle, less injuries occur with swimming in a pool than we any other sport which is good for beginners because of the heated water, you can workout for longer and put less strees on your body. Swimming allows to use all your bodies muscles which can help with flexiabitly. Benefits of swimming is Cardio and Strength Training Swimming is a brilliant all-round exercise. swimming is also good for mental wellbeing

There are numerous different styles of swimming all aimed to balance the mind and body. swimming is practical as it entails doing various types of body positions, which strengthens different parts of the body thus increases flexibility and balance Other benefits are improving circulation and breathing. Knowing that you look good will make you feel more positive about yourself, and a positive outlook can help you succeed in life

Our range offers you a huge selection of mens lycra swim trunks in styles to suit your preferences. Made by top brands in great quality. Buy to day for delivery tomorrow. Look good in the pool or on the beach in our stylish looking and functional mens lycra swimming trunks in a wide range of colous & styles

Our mens swimwear includes lycra swim shorts and trunks in a range of styles, great for the pool or that summer holiday. Whatever your swimming ability we have swinm trunks, beach shorts , bermua shorts, boardshorts for you

You'll find your choice of designer beachwear, swim trunks, in printed or plain colours board to show off your swim style.


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/HTML>e Email Us with any questions you have about this product.

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