Long sleeve Yoga warm up hoody

Stylish flattering black yoga hoody in moisture control Polyamide fabric, allows you to stay comfortable and dry longer with its silky finish is smooth to the touch. Its adjustable ties around waist and hood improves comfort. With drawstring waist and kangaroo type pockets and long sleeves. Made of high performace 90 % Polyamide 10 % Elastane.

Yoga pants

We have a hugh range of versatile assortment of yoga hooodies to suit you whether you a passionate yoga goer, or a occasionaly yoga-goer.

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Yoga clothes continues to evolve and flourish over the years. There are numerous different styles of yoga all aimed to balance the mind and body. Yoga is practical as it entails doing various types of body positions, which strengthens different parts of the body thus increases flexibility and balance, Iyengar is perfect for this. Other benefits are improving circulation and breathing. Yoga is also a good form of relaxation reducing mental strain and tension and strengthing the entire body so you feel relax for the day ahead. Its very important to consider the right kind of yoga clothing to wear during your Yoga class so that you can get the most out of it and it should be comfortable and allow you to move freely. Our yoga clothes includes wide leg yoga pants with its loose fitting legs and super soft waistband is idea for yoga. We also have a range of yoga sports bra as this will give you addition support. Yoga clothes tops should be Sweat absorption allowing for maximum comfort and breathability. Shorts are another good yoga source of yoga clothing as you can see knees ankles and feet are properly aligned. How you look in your yoga clothing is also very important. Knowing that you look good in your yoga clothing will make you feel more positive about yourself, and a positive outlook can help you succeed in Yoga. Our fabulous yoga clothes collection developed exclusively for yoga and Pilates classes are elegant and practical, contains yoga clothing in coordinating pieces in contrasting tones with flattering styling so you can create your own individual style. Each item is beautifully made in natural breathable fabric for comfortable and allow for easy freedom of movement and relaxing Yoga Session and helps with body positions, ranging from subtle poses to more complicated ones. Loose-fit yoga pants and t-shirts made of cotton, since they absorb sweat easily and also allows for maximum comfort and breathability, hooded jackets to throw on before or after yoga class, capri pants are unfussy yoga clothes that will not only keep you comfortable but also be comfortable on. Our favourite outfit is yoga capri pants consisting of fresh exciting colours soft tones of pink, white and the practical black. Yoga clothes will make you feel more positive about yourself, and a positive outlook can help you succeed in yoga, will lead you to a healthier and more meaningful life.

Our range offers you a huge selection of yoga hoodies styles to suit your preferences. Made by top brands in great quality. Buy to day for delivery tomorrow. Put the finishing touch to your yoga kit and perfect the gym-to-office transition with our stylish looking and functional yoga hoody

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Yoga hoody
Sizes 10 12 & 14

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Yoga hoody


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